Vehicle Wraps FAQ

What is included in each package?

Each graphics package for your wrap includes:

– Customizable phone number
– Customizable website URL
– High quality vinyl materials using 3M materials
– Printed with eco-friendly latex inks


Do the graphics fit any vehicle size?

Yup! Any vehicle, any size.
Our design team will mock up a proof for you
of the graphics on YOUR specific vehicle for approval.

Will my wrap have seams?

A very minimal amount. Fetch Graphics prides itself on providing as seamless of a wrap as possible! Seams may occur along the rear/side section of vans, or other large surface areas greater than 53″ wide (average panel size). We take great care in laying out our graphics and print panels to minimize graphic panel seams whenever possible!


Do you provide installation support, and if so where?

We do! Installation can sometimes be the trickiest part. We offer 3 levels of service for installation:

  1.  If you have your own installer, feel free to use them! We can ship you or your installer the graphics once printed.
  2. If you need help locating an installer, but can take it from there, we’ll give you a list of the closest recommended, certified installers.
  3.  Want us to take care of it all? No problem! We can get the entire installation process set up for you, from delivery of your vehicle, to installation, to completion and drop-off to best fit YOUR schedule.

Are the prices shown accurate? 

Yes. Prices shown on the site and order forms are accurate, excluding installation, reflection overlays and perforated window material. The costs are representative of the designs as shown. Keep in mind, though, that final pricing may change depending on specific options and/or your installation choice only.


Do the graphics use solvent inks?

Nope! Our printers are as eco-friendly as they get! We utilize HP latex printers and inks to minimize our effect on the environment. Solvent, and eco-solvent print techniques offer faster printing times, but have a 24hr wait time for the solvent to “set” in order for them to be laminated and prepared for shipment. Latex can be printed, laminated, and shipped all in the same day!